How Australia’s E-commerce Revolution Saved Businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic

If there had been a warning that something as serious pandemic would have happened, all business owners may have prepared themselves. There’s no doubt that a lot of businesses were affected by the situation. Most of the time businesses’ concerns were employees code of conduct, punctuality at work and things that right now seem worthless.

Despite all that happened during the covid-19 pandemic, the Australia E-commerce revolution saved many businesses. In this article, we’ll be discussing how the country managed to overcome this seemingly difficult challenge.

Use Of Forklift Trucks At Mine And Quarry Sites

Forklift trucks are compact machines mainly used for loading and unloading weights. Now, these weights can include any sort of material as long as it fulfils the weight capacity of a truck. The weight capacity of forklifts varies from forklift to forklift, depending upon your choice. These are quite flexible in terms of use as they can be used in places where loads need to be lifted. You can also use forklift trucks at mine and quarry sites to lift stones, sands and other particles that these sites have. Keeping all these things in mind, today we are going to review how the forklift function and its use at mine and quarry sites.


When you think of travelling, questions about fitting everyone’s heavy luggage might often arise in your head. Well, say no more to these questions with the help of a roof rack. Whether you drive a truck or a domestic 4WD car, installing a roof rack can significantly improve your travelling experience. Besides, you can carry whatever you want with you while going on a thrilling trip.

How To Choose The Right Office Lighting

When it comes to team productivity in a working space, being a good leader is not enough. You have to look after various aspects such as the work environment and energy. The lighting of a working space highly influences the energy levels of the workers or employees. If you have dim lighting, then the employees will feel dull.

However, if your workspace is well-lit, then your mood will also be light and filled with positive energy. Besides, a well-lit place is essential for staying energised and alert during working hours. On the downside, too much light can also ruin the vibes as it might become unbearable to work in a too-bright place.

Therefore, you need to find a mid-way that offers a well-lit place that is not too bright for the employees. In this blog, you will know exactly how to choose the right office lighting that’s suitable for your working space.

How To Use A Water Truck For Mining

A water truck is a fully equipped vehicle that is relatively easy to use and implement across various tasks within your daily work life. Water trucks are mainly used in construction sites, mining sites, or controlling fire. So if you are wondering about the uses of a water truck in a mining site, then you are just at the right place. Ahead you will find information on how a water truck is used for mining. You can also own a water truck without worrying about finding spare parts; everything you need is available online. As for the use of water trucks for mining, let’s jump right into it.

Truck Tool Box Basic Checklist

Everybody knows that trucks are enormous and have extra storage space. Driving a large truck is even more overwhelming and thrilling. But with great power comes great responsibility. If you are driving a truck, you need to have enough tools in your truck for the situations that call for it.

5 Tips For Coaching Stellar CEOs

You need constructive feedback for effective strategies when it comes to managing organisational projects. However, getting feedback when you are in the top authority, like in the position of a CEO, could be challenging. Most of the time, getting genuine advice is also difficult. It doesn’t matter if you have reached a respected position; you will always have a scope for improvement. So, here are some takeaways that might come in handy while coaching stellar CEOs.