Drakelands Mine

Drakelands Mine

The Drakelands Mine is a recently constructed world-class tungsten and tin mine located in the United Kingdom and it is one of only two mines outside of China with production capacity greater than 3,000tpa tungsten concentrate.


Drakelands Mine is located near the village of Hemerdon in the UK in an existing mining area and adjacent to operating China clay mines.

The City of Plymouth is only 10 kilometres away, providing the Mine with excellent transport links and power and water infrastructure. Plymouth has a large naval base and university providing strong ancillary services and support for the Mine.

The location of the Drakelands Mine enables Wolf to recruit and retain a talented and stable workforce, who generally live in the local area.

Plan view of project and adjacent clay pits class=aligncenter with-capt

Plan view of project and adjacent clay pits


The tungsten deposit at the Drakelands Mine is hosted within and around a dyke-like body of porphyritic granite, known as the Hemerdon Granite that forms a cupola to the extreme southwest of the main body of the Dartmoor Granite. The country rock around the Hemerdon Granite is Upper Devonian slate (Killas), with minor basic volcanic rocks.

The northern part of the Hemerdon Granite is essentially a north-northeast trending dyke, approximately 140 m wide dipping steeply to the east. It hosts a stockwork of greisen-bordered quartz veins, bearing wolframite and cassiterite, with minor tourmaline and sulphide minerals. The mineralisation has been demonstrated by drilling to persist to 400 m below ground surface.  

In March 2015, Wolf announced an increase in Ore Reserves at the Drakelands Mine. Company's ASX Announcement 25 March 2015.

Drakelands Mine - Mineral Reserves Estimate  (as at March 2015)*

* See announcement on 25 March 2015 for full details of Drakelands Mine – Mineral Reserves Estimate

Drakelands Mine - Mineral Resources Estimate  (as at March 2015)*

* See announcement on 25 March 2015 for full details of Drakelands Mine – Mineral Resources Estimate

**Click here to view this report - JORC Code, 2012 Edition - Table 1 Report Hemerdon Tungsten Deposit (relased 25 March 2015) **


Hemerdon feasibility study results

Figure 1: Computer generated image looking north at the Drakelands Mine feasibility study pit showing resource oreblocks of tungsten mineralisation.


The extraction of tungsten at Drakelands takes place through open pit mining, with the pit measuring 850m long by 450m wide and ultimately extending to a depth of 260 metres. The sides of the pit will be cut in benches to allow for safe working as the mine gets deeper.

Ore removed from the pit is stockpiled according to its mineralogical characteristics and grade in preparation for use in the processing plant.

Waste rock from the open pit is loaded by excavators onto dump trucks and driven on internal haul roads to the mine waste facility (MWF). The material being deposited in the waste facility is classified as non-hazardous.

The MWF is designed to be inherently stable. Its construction consists of a rockfill embankment progressively constructed from run-of-mine waste. Finer residues (tailings) are contained within this embankment and allowed to settle, with the excess water pumped back to the processing plant for recycling.

The MWF has similarities with the china clay tips already found in the area at nearby Lee Moor and throughout mid-Cornwall.

Aerial photo of Drakelands Mine class=aligncenter with-capt

Aerial photo of Drakelands Mine

Mine Waste Facility class=aligncenter with-capt

Mine Waste Facility


The Drakelands processing plant produces tungsten and tin concentrates. Ore is fed into the processing plant where it is crushed and ground to liberate the minerals from the rock, and then separated and upgraded using various gravity, heavy media, flotation and magnetic processes.

The processing plant will produce approximately 5,000t tungsten concentrate and 1,000t tin concentrate each year  – equivalent to 1 truck a day exported to customers in Europe, USA and Asia.


Processing Plant class=aligncenter with-capt

Processing Plant

Tungsten concentrate bagged ready to ship class=aligncenter with-capt

Tungsten concentrate bagged ready to ship