Wolf Minerals believes that long-term success hinges on sustainable development that benefits the business, stakeholders and the environment.

To this end, Wolf has adopted a policy of responsible, proactive environmental management and works hard to ensure compliance with relevant legislative obligations in the course of any production or development activity.

The Company remains committed to delivering excellent results for shareholders while at the same time ensuring that its economic success is balanced alongside its environmental and social responsibilities.

Wolf appreciates the importance of community consultation and facilitates the involvement and awareness of relevant communities and their representatives when undertaking any exploration or development activity.

Through a proactive policy of self-regulation, legislative compliance and community involvement, Wolf is working hard to deliver on its short and long-term business objectives while ensuring that relevant social and environmental considerations are included as part of any decision-making process.

Wolf Minerals will continue its policy of sustainable development in the interests of meeting the expectations of its shareholders without compromising the health or vitality of both the natural and social environment.

Wolf Minerals received ISO14001 certification for its environmental management systems in 2015.

Wolframite Mineral

Wolframite Mineral

Ground Breaking

Ground Breaking - March 2014