This Week’s Company Profile: MA Services Group

This week, we’re profiling MA Services Group, an innovative Australian company that operates in the services sector. This company focuses on a range of different niches, including security, cleaning, and customer-focused services. Unlike a multitude of multinational corporations today, MA Services Group isn’t trying to take over the world. Instead, the company is dedicating itself solely to the Australian market and partnering with business owners in local communities.

MA Services Group continues to push forward, and just recently they have started to expand into the facilities management industry. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world (and in Australia), analysts expect the facilities management industry to register a positive annual growth rate of 4% – reaching $40 billion in revenue by 2023. This is perhaps one of the reasons that MA Services Group is actually experiencing growth during the Covid-19 pandemic while others are struggling to stay afloat.

Of course, the company’s continuing success shouldn’t really surprise anyone given how diversified their business has become. MA Services Group is involved in so many different industries within Australia that it’s hard to imagine them struggling in the same way as other companies during the current health crisis. If MA Services Group finds fewer opportunities in one particular industry, they can simply shift their attention to a different area.

First of all, the company works with some of the most prestigious brands in the industrial/manufacturing world (think essential services). These include Australia’s food & beverage industry, logistics & warehousing, subcontractor management, emergency response, and site evacuations. MA Services Group has also established close ties with various government agencies, such as those responsible for education, events & festivals, councils, and government office buildings.

Of course, MA Services Group also supports Australia’s most prominent corporations, providing services for various corporate office spaces, conferences, loading docks, and many other areas of need. On the other end of the spectrum, you might also find MA Services Group team members removing graffiti from your local streets or making sure that civil transportation is safe for everyone.

With a portfolio as extensive as this, it’s easy to see why MA Services Group is becoming such a major player within Australia. The above list is hardly comprehensive either – we could cover entire pages with all the individual industries and niches that this company serves within the nation. As any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you, diversification is key – and this is exactly what MA Services Group is doing.

What Does MA Services Group Do?


So what kind of services does MA Services Group offer its many clients? Let’s start with what is probably the company’s primary focus: security. Over the years, MA Services has established an experienced team of security professionals who can handle pretty much any task imaginable. This team includes qualified patrol guards, but also those who can perform more complex tasks such as the operation of control rooms, CCTV systems, and access control management.

Once again, the individual industries that MA Services Group serves and the specific security services it offers are almost too many to list. As previously mentioned, the company works with corporate clients, government agencies, and many other businesses and organizations within Australia’s communities.

MA Services Group’s business model takes a boutique-style approach when it comes to security services. Because the company isn’t a multinational corporation with excessive levels of bureaucratic management, clients enjoy a much more hands-on approach. MA Services Group isn’t run by someone in a corporate head office halfway around the globe. Instead, its leadership team is right at the ground level where they can quickly respond and adapt to clients. To understand how this philosophy actually works in action, consider how the company handles its patrols:

While a typical security company might try to juggle a large number of clients with a “one size fits all” approach, MA Services Group works on a case-by-case basis to find the best security solution for each individual client they work with. In certain situations, one patrol team or vehicle might be dedicated to serving just one particular location within a community. No matter what, the company’s patrol vehicles are never overstretched, and each security team member is only responsible for servicing a small number of locations. In contrast, “traditional” security companies often try to cut corners by utilizing a few teams that are responsible for covering multiple locations in a large area.

Of course, the fact that MA Services Group is more focused on local communities doesn’t make them any less sophisticated. In fact, they use some of the most innovative security technology in the business. After all, security is all about fast response times, and that just isn’t possible without an advanced alarm response system. By using the right tools, MA Services Group can combine their personalized, boutique approach with time effective responses. Its system automatically tracks alarms and redirects the closest available patrol vehicles to the scene.

Companies or organizations that aren’t even set up with MA Services Group can also benefit from its security services within a short time frame. If there’s a situation that suddenly requires the attention of a security team, this company can send over qualified professionals within an hour.

This arsenal of technological tools includes many other innovative assets. For example, the company uses a TRACKTIK system to identify and record trends connected with anomalies and breaches. MA Services Group can then go over this data with clients to improve their existing security systems.

Tracktik is also helpful because it allows for a considerable degree of transparency. Customers can log into this web-based application and figure out where security patrols are at any given time. They’ll also see videos, photos, and voice recordings connected to any and all incidents. This helps customers feel more reassured that the security services they’re paying for are the real deal.

Transparency is becoming a major trend in virtually every industry imaginable, and security is no exception. There’s really no excuse for preventing clients from seeing what’s really going on behind the scenes, especially with the existence of tools like TRACKTIK. MA Services Group also uses additional technology like the iPhone app Patrol Live, the Uniguard 12 Online System, and more.

It goes without saying that security services are still in high demand – even in these uncertain times. Indeed, you could say that security services are even more important specifically because we live in uncertain times. While Australia obviously isn’t experiencing the same level of civil unrest as the United States, the situation in America does illustrate how important security services can be during times of economic uncertainty. This is particularly true for business owners who operate brick-and-mortar stores that could be vulnerable to looting.


In 2017, MA Services Group created MA Cleaning. At face value, cleaning and security might seem like totally unrelated businesses. However, these two different services are actually quite similar when you really boil them down. Both security and cleaning services provide clients with a safe, stress-free environment so they can focus on what really matters – taking their businesses to the next level. When work environments are more hygienic, they’re also inherently safer. After all, microorganisms can be just as detrimental to businesses as thieves – perhaps even more so in the current era of Covid-19.

While MA Services Group’s cleaning service is distinct from the company’s other branches, it is still built on the same core foundation and business philosophy. When this company assigns a cleaning team to a location, it aims for a flexible, customizable level of service – just like it does with its security teams.

One of the cornerstones of MA Cleaning is its “Cleaning Excellence” program. This program uses sustainable, innovative methods to not only reduce environmental impacts, but also overall operating costs. Using a three-pronged approach, MA Cleaning has managed to reduce water and detergent consumption, improve indoor air quality, and increase recycling by 95%.

Businesses all over Australia have expressed a desire to be associated with these kinds of sustainable practices. When MA Services Group starts working with a new company, they essentially become an extension of that entity. This means that these companies can brag about having become more sustainable after working with MA Cleaning.

It goes without saying that cleaning services have become much more important in a post-Covid world. When millions of Australians return to work, proper sanitization is going to be a crucial (and probably mandatory) part of the process. Companies like MA Cleaning are stepping up to provide a new level of cleaning services that adhere to these raised hygienic standards. It’s not all about office buildings, either. Wherever large numbers of people congregate, extensive cleaning services will be required. This is yet another possible reason why MA Services Group is experiencing considerable growth within the last few months.

Customer Services

The third major branch of MA Services Group is its customer service division. One of the major lessons this company learned while providing security services is the importance of clear communication and synergy. When front-end staff can’t communicate and integrate effectively with security teams, it affects the integrity of the operation as a whole. This is why MA Services Group has taken the additional step of actually providing these additional staff members to supplement its existing security services. This helps establish a sense of uniformity and cohesion across the board.

Like any other service that MA Services Group offers, these customer-focused services can be personalized based on each client’s individual needs and priorities. This type of all-encompassing approach is usually effective for events, as MA Services Group can take care of almost every aspect of the staffing requirements. With this approach, companies can let one interconnected team handle a range of responsibilities, rather than having to integrate into one disjointed whole.

MA Services Group employs a wide range of professionals who can handle a variety of customer-focused tasks. These include guest marshalls, safety officers, concierges, first aid team members, and many others. Obviously, customer service is a very different field compared to something like security, and different personal attributes become more valuable. Because of this, MA Services Group hires its customer service team members based on factors like their personalities, their trustworthiness, the level of care they put into their tasks, and a can-do attitude.

What Makes MA Services Group Unique?

One of the things that really sets this company apart is its focus on the individuals and businesses within local Australian communities. MA Services Group extends this focus not only to its prospective clients but also to its employees. One of the best ways to give back to local communities is by creating jobs, and this company is clearly focused on creating a positive work atmosphere for its team members.

This is a logical approach, not only from an ethical standpoint but also in terms of overall performance. When the foundation of your business is built on talented individuals, it makes sense to treat them well. Along with rewards and recognition for high-performing team members, MA Services Group has created a company culture that revolves around mutual respect, leadership, positivity, and continuous improvement.

MA Services Group also places an emphasis on diversity, particularly when it comes to women in the security industry. According to a 2018 study, only 10% of security officers in New South Wales were female. MA Services Group has pointed out that women have something unique to offer the security industry, and their value shouldn’t be discounted. In particular, female security officers can play an important role in keeping female spaces safe. Furthermore, MA Services Group recognizes that in general, women tend to seek out diplomatic solutions instead of violent ones. In short, there’s no reason why female professionals shouldn’t be integral aspects of any modern security company today.

Aside from placing enormous value on its employees, MA Services Group also gives back to Australian communities – even if these communities have absolutely nothing to do with its business activities. For example, the company is a sponsor of White Ribbon Australia, an organization that seeks to end men’s violence against women. This non-profit organization is involved with schools, workplaces, and communities across Australia.

In Closing

It’s always refreshing to see companies that are focused on providing services to hard-working Australians first and foremost. When Australian companies rise up and provide important services to local communities, the entire nation becomes more self-sufficient.

At the end of the day, multinational corporations just aren’t loyal to any particular country. If you’re going to do business in Australia, it makes sense to put Australians first, and that’s exactly what MA Services Group is doing. With the rise of Covid-19, many people are rethinking the viability of a globalist philosophy. The growth of MA Services Group in recent months may just be a sign that companies with a stronger national identity are the way of the future.