Whether there is a universal pandemic restraining the normal flow of our lives or not, taking care of basic hygiene is essential at home, and on worksites where dust and dirt is prevalent. Your on-site workers are risking their lives in danger and are working tirelessly from day to night and this makes them exhaust all their energies. This makes them tired enough by the end of the day and they tend not to care for their cleanliness, hygiene, or even simple bathing at times.

However, because of being too tired to care for personal hygiene, not only are your workers likely to get infected with a disease quickly, but this can also infect other workers around them and have serious implications for a lot of things in the long run. We understand that being someone who supervises a number of onsite workers such as electricians, miners, or builders, there are great number of problems to tackle. However, taking care of the health and hygiene of your workers on-site is also something that cannot be ignored at any cost. In case you are looking for some of the easiest ways to do so, read below to find out about some of the relevant tips.

  1. Make Hand Washing Facility Available All The Time

We have now learnt this the hard way that our hands are the main source of infecting us with a number of microorganisms. However, now that we know it, it would not be a wise thing to ignore it even in future. Just by washing the hands every hour or whenever they get dirty, your workers can save themselves from a number of deadly diseases. This is why you should always ensure that an adequate system for hand washing is available at your workers’ ease at all times.

  • Give Them The Necessary Protective Gear

If and when COVID-19 is eliminated, the importance of protective gear for a healthier working environment cannot be ignored at any cost. We suggest you get real work wear in highest quality alongside masks and other protective gear for your workers who are at a risk of inhaling fatal substances on-site. This will help them maintain their cleanliness and hygiene throughout the day.

  • Ensure Disinfection and Sanitization

Carrying sanitizers in your pockets is the new normal. You must ensure that all your workers have one sanitizer bottle in their hands to use and make themselves free from a majority of germs that their hands and feet may have caught while working on site. You can also disinfect your machines such as mining equipment and other tools from time to time to make sure that they don’t become a source of infecting your workers with any kind of virus or germs.

Other than these, ensure a proper supply of water and a complete bathing station for your workers on site so they can cleanse themselves every day. Make cleanliness mandatory even if it has to be done by implementing fines. Lastly, taking care of your workers’ mental health is also important. Entertaining workers in remote locations is something that keeps them fresh and motivated to care for themselves on their own.