It’s unsurprising that many Australians have broad misunderstandings about living independently. Many of us have had little experience with senior life other than visiting our grandparents or other elderly relatives in assisted living or nursing facilities.

While both of these are examples of senior care provided in senior living communities, they do not reflect the lifestyle and freedom found in an independent living community.

To help you understand the benefits of independent living—and decide whether an independent living community is suitable for you—we’ve compiled a list of four questions to ask yourself, as well as four reasons why you should make the transition now.

What is Independent Living?

Independent living is a type of living environment that allows older persons to live self-sufficient, active lives without the anxieties or duties of cleaning and maintaining their homes, caring for their yards, and making their own meals. Residents of an independent living community have their own private residence that they equip and decorate; residents of a maintenance-free community have almost everything inside and outside their homes taken care of. Residents can also enjoy activities, events, programmes, and common areas in the community.

Independent living is at another level at Centennial Living – Retirement Homes & Villages in Melbourne. Many older folks choose to relocate to Centennial Living while they are still fit and active enough to fully enjoy the all-inclusive lifestyle. If their health changes and they require further senior care, such as assisted or skilled nursing, it is provided to them in the senior living community, eliminating the need for them to relocate for senior care.

Four Reasons to Move Right Now

You are aware that you could be eating healthier.

Every day, most independent living communities serve three nutritious, tasty, chef-prepared meals. The best part is that you don’t have to go grocery shopping, cook meals, set the table, or clean up afterwards.

You are aware that you could be exercising more.

Many independent living communities offer state-of-the-art exercise centres with senior-specific equipment and fitness courses, indoor pools, outdoor walking routes, personal trainers, and other health activities to residents. Exercising with friends also helps to stay healthy and is more pleasurable.

You’re content and healthy, and you intend to remain so

Independent living communities promote your total health and well-being, giving you the best chance of living as independently as you desire for years to come.

Right now, you have an excellent opportunity

Why wait until your health drops if you’re happy and healthy now? Make your move now to take advantage of everything independent living at Centennial Living Community has to offer.

Bottom line

Could independent living be the best choice for you? There’s a simple way to find out: book a personal visit. To initiate the conversation, simply call Centennial Living Retirement Community. Check out some resident testimonials if you’d rather hear what the experts have to say about Centennial Living.

If you identify with any of the four reasons listed above, you should definitely begin planning your relocation to an independent living community. Make the decision now to lead your senior years with the utmost comfort and happiness.