Nothing can excite a family more than the prospect of building a new home. The entire process is thrilling, from locating the ideal area to watching the house “develop” from the ground and take shape. Unfortunately, it may also be stressful.

Unexpected building delays caused by a variety of circumstances can be highly stressful, especially if this is a family’s first new home development. Understanding the construction process can help ease this out.

After selecting the perfect lot, future new homeowners could expect the following 10 steps from a builder. Continue reading the article to find out more.

Raising the foundation

The builder will do the following in this step:

  • Apply for and obtain all building permissions from the local authorities.
  • Level the site for the construction workers.
  • Install temporary foundation forms made of wood, and footings (structures that connect the house to the earth that supports it) will be installed.

Following completion of these stages, a city inspector will evaluate the site to ensure that foundation components are up to code and correctly installed. Depending on the type of foundation, this check may be repeated. The builder will next remove the forms and begin the framing portion of step two.

Finalise rough framing

During this phase, the contractor will:

  • Set up the flooring system
  • Complete wall and roof structures
  • Fireplaces are constructed.
  • The sheathing is applied to the outside walls, which are then wrapped in a protective wrap.

Work on siding, rough plumbing, roofing, electrical, and HVAC

After the shell has been completed, siding and roofing can be placed. The electrical and plumbing contractors begin running pipes and wires through the inside walls, ceilings, and floors at the same time. Sewer lines, vents, and water supply lines are all installed. Bathtubs and one-piece shower/tub sets are installed now since there is more room to move huge, heavy goods.

Insulation installation

Proper insulation is crucial for saving money on utilities for houses. The following are insulation types found in new homes:

  • Fibreglass
  • Spray foam
  • Mineral wool foam
  • Concrete blocks
  • Cellulose
  • Insulation concrete forms
  • Foam board or rigid foam
  • Insulated structural panels

Start with exterior fixtures and finishes

  • Installation of drywall.
  • Texturing is finalized.
  • The first coat of paint is applied.
  • Outside finishes are installed, such as brick, metal siding, cladding, stone, or other exterior construction materials.

Interior trimming and exterior hard landscaping

  • Doors, windowsills, and decorative trim are installed.
  • Patios and outdoor kitchens are added to the landscape.
  • Cabinet, vanity, and fireplace mantel installation.
  • Application of the final coat of paint.

Flooring, countertops, and final exterior grading

  • Ceramic tile, vinyl, and wood flooring, as well as countertops, are installed.
  • The outside finish grading is finished to guarantee adequate drainage away from the house and to prepare the yard for landscaping.

Finalise mechanical trimmings and plumbing fixtures

  • Light fixtures, outlets, and switches are placed, and the electrical panel is laid out completely.
  • Installation of HVAC equipment.
  • Sinks, toilets, and faucets are installed.

Interior furnishing and exterior landscaping

  • Mirrors, shower doors, and carpets are fitted, and the room is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Planting of trees, bushes, and grass, as well as the installation of artificial turf and other external landscaping, is done.
  • Final inspection by a building code official and the issue of the certificate of occupancy

Final amendments

This is the stage at which any issues with the home are discussed with the builder. The builder and homeowner go through all aspects and check if anything requires any amendments.


There will always be unexpected obstacles in every construction project. The best advice is to plan ahead of time for each milestone. It is usually best to have a plan B for everything so that if one plan fails, you have a strategy in place to correct it. As a result, your home construction will not suffer or lag. For home construction to finish on time and be of high quality, you need an excellent builder. Hotondo Homes are one of the most trusted home builders in Australia. So, contact them for your new construction project or renovation to get the best quotes and overall experience.