When it comes to team productivity in a working space, being a good leader is not enough. You have to look after various aspects such as the work environment and energy. The lighting of a working space highly influences the energy levels of the workers or employees. If you have dim lighting, then the employees will feel dull.

However, if your workspace is well-lit, then your mood will also be light and filled with positive energy. Besides, a well-lit place is essential for staying energised and alert during working hours. On the downside, too much light can also ruin the vibes as it might become unbearable to work in a too-bright place.

Therefore, you need to find a mid-way that offers a well-lit place that is not too bright for the employees. In this blog, you will know exactly how to choose the right office lighting that’s suitable for your working space.

Factors That Influence Office Lighting

If you think that only one thing influences the lighting of any place, and that is the brightness of the light, then you are wrong. There are so many factors that can have a great impact on the intensity of the light you have chosen. So, to make you aware of that, such factors are listed below in detail:

Bulb Type

For enormous space that is open, LED bulbs or fluorescent ones work the best. However, halogen and incandescent lights are also a good choice. The only downside they have is that they do not produce as much light as compared to LEDs. Also, they consume more energy.

On the other hand, LEDs give a cooler tone to the environment, which is highly pleasant to the eyes. People prefer fluorescent bulbs because they are older. Due to this, they are most commonly used. As a result, people think that fluorescent bulbs are better than LED.


It would be beneficial to have bright and dim lights in the office. Bright lights are preferred during the morning time as alertness is required at that time. Whereas slightly dimmer lights are ideal for afternoons as the sun is already bright at that time.

LED lights that have advanced technology are good for such situations as they adjust the light according to the time of the day. For instance, in the morning, the lights will be bright, and they will gradually be less bright during the afternoon. You can also manually change the intensity of the LED lights.

Color & Temperature

You should also know the importance of the colour and temperature that you use in terms of the lighting of your workspace. Warm colours such as yellow or orange are known for relaxing. On the other hand, cool colours such as blue or white are known for staying active. So, for an office environment, bulbs that are in a cooler tone are more suitable.

If you talk about the type of bulb in which you will get the ideal colour, then both the LED and fluorescent bulbs come in warm and cool colours. With LED, you can adjust the colour and temperature according to your need.


When you run a business, then no matter how expandable your budget is, you would always prefer inexpensive things. Cost plays a vital role in selecting the lights of your office because they are going to be lit for around 14-18 hours a day. Sometimes, even more than that.

Therefore, choosing an economical option would be highly beneficial for you in the long run. Inexpensive light bulbs include LED and fluorescent. However, you can monitor the lights by installing sensors, dimmers and timers. By doing so, you can control the energy used in your office’s lighting.

Position Of Computers

As you are thinking of setting lights in your office space, working with computers is a given thing. Therefore, before installing lights, you will need to consider the positions of the computers.

Not to mention some lights can be so intense that they can interrupt the screens of laptops or computers. Just make sure that the light is not being a strain on the eyes of the employee working on a computer.

How To Choose The Right Office Lighting

Now that you know about the factors that can have a large impact on the lighting of your office, it’s time to see how you can choose the perfect light for your office. Here are some tips to get started with while choosing the right office lighting:

Thoroughly Check The Workspace

How would you choose the light if you do not have any idea about your workplace? So, the first thing you need to examine in your office space. You need to take extra care of the factors, such as the natural lighting that your office receives from the windows.

Afterwards, examine the place and make a mental note of the number of lights or bulbs you are going to need to light up your place. If there is enough natural light that meets the minimum standards, you need to focus on the light during the evening.

Select The Type Of Office Lighting You Need

Now that you are very well aware of your office surroundings regarding the natural light, you need to choose the type that would fit your office the best. The options that are available when it comes to office lighting are explained below:

  • Direct-indirect lighting- Used when you do not need direct glare.
  • Direct lighting- Direct lighting is used when you need the direct glare of light in a particular place.
  • Shielded lighting– When the source of the light is shielded so that the light disperses widely in a vast area.
  • Indirect lighting– Imagine a light that you see coming through a white curtain. That is known as indirect lighting. It is evenly distributed with enough brightness that’s suitable to work.


Most of the time, it’s better to have a workspace that has plenty of natural light. This can help you in curbing the cost incurred on electricity bills. Also, use the lights that do not flicker at all because even the slightest flicker that the naked eye can not detect may cause headaches or pain in the eyes. To make such decisions easy many people preferred Beacon Lighting Melbourne electrician who can help you in taking the decision for you.