Gem mining surely sounds interesting and all fun until you actually step in a mine and get to the job. The biggest mistake that novice miner make is that they are not aware of what equipment to take along. Not having the right tools for the purpose certainly kill the entire essence of mining and also leaves the job incomplete. Therefore, before you head out for your mining trip make sure you have the following equipment available.

  1. Sluicing

It is a very common process when it comes to mining. It involves washing out all the dirt so that you get access to the gems only. During this, you will need buckets and bags for ore and dirt, shovels or scoops, and screens. All of this equipment are provided by the management associated with the mine you are going to. Moreover, the process is done while sitting, you can take a cushion along to make it comfortable.

Also, wear clothes which are low maintenance and don’t forget to wear rubber clothes for safety and cleanliness.

  • Panning or Creeking

You need to have a hand shovel for panning along with a screen. The screen looks like a metal grid in a frame. No worries, if you don’t have one of your own because you have the choice of renting one from any company offering equipment for mining. Also, make sure to wear strong shoes which are waterproof. Remember that mining is not a very good job when it comes to cleanliness. You will be exposed to a lot of gravel and water so you need to be mentally prepared.

  • Digging

Now, this is the real job where you have to dig in deeper for the gems. For this, you will be needing a high-quality and resilient rock hammer, bucket, and shovel. Most often, the items are given for free by the company managing the mining operations. Feel free to take your own equipment but the concerned personnel need to approve them all before you take them to the designated premises.

  • Other Stuff

The gems need to be collected in something because you cannot take them back home stuffed in your pockets of course. Plastic bags which can be properly sealed work best for this purpose. Apart from that, you will need a torch to navigate your way through the mine. It does not just end here! You will also need to carry a towel along in case the exposure to water and mud becomes high. To be on the safe side, many people also carry an extra pair of shoes along.

For your health and safety, you can take some bandages and over the counter medicines. It is always best to be well-equipped in terms of everything when you are going to a complicated place like mine. Above all, do not forget to keep a sunblock with you because the sunshine is harsh on most mining sites.

Also, arrange a camping trailer where you can spend your time when not mining. You can browse the full range of camping trailers on the internet.