Although mining jobs are contributing a lot to the world economy, the risk factor for miners is still pretty much there. Accidents in mines are pretty much life-threatening so it is important that the safety of everyone working in the mines is ensured. There should be presence of sufficient mining gear and it should be made accessible for all workers so that they don’t have to bear the consequences of unpleasant incidents in mines.

Before you get started in the mining industry, everyone should be educated about using the right safety gear for the sake of their health and safety. There are quite a few major things that are essential for mine workers. Below we have listed some of them.

  • Safety Footwear

You obviously don’t wear your usual footwear when working in a mine. There is specially designed footwear that you are supposed to wear for such risky jobs. Mining boots are either made of leather or rubber. It generally depends on the type of mine you work in. Steel-toe cap, puncture-proof sole and, materials guard are the most common features of mining boots. Such shoes are not available with every other footwear retailer. However, you may look for affordable CAT safety shoes online. The brand specifically designs shoes for tough jobs.

  • Head Protection Cap

Head injuries are not so uncommon in mines. Usually such injuries are caused when a hard object hits their head. Miners should wear a protection cap at all times even if they spend 5 minutes in a mine. There is no doubt about the fact that mines are unpredictable and anything could happen at any time. Therefore, better be safe than sorry. Make sure to wear the cap properly and it fits you well, otherwise, it will totally defeat the purpose.

  • Safety Googles

There is an unimaginable amount of dust and other particles freely floating around the mines. It’s not the normal dust and can be really threatening for your eyes. To cope up with this, it is important for all miners work with safety goggles on their eyes. There should be absolutely no chance of anything entering in your eyes. Ideally, you should go for safety goggles that come with a side shield. These work tremendously in tough mines and save your eyes and face simultaneously.

  • Ear Muffs

You will have to deal with a lot of noise when working in a mine. There are countless machinery, tools, and vehicles that make immense noise. Mining equipment is loud to the extent that they may affect your hearing ability. You cannot control the noise, but you can definitely get earmuffs to prevent your ears from exposing to such dangerous noises. Make sure your ear muffs properly cover your ears and test them before you buy. Don’t buy if you can still hear everything. It is definitely better to invest in a good one.