Working in the mining industry can be a difficult task and should not be underestimated at all. From the extremely high temperatures to the extremely dark caves, miners have a tough work life. This is why they need to get training often and know exactly what they are doing and how it needs to be done.

This is also why miners must know the equipment they are operating and how it functions because in a situation where there is high pressure and no escape route, they should know how to deal with the equipment and how to minimize the damage that can result. 

Below given are some of the most common equipments used in mining so if you are someone interested in mining or plan on developing a career within the mining industry then this read is for you.

  1. Mining Drills

Mining drills are one of the most common types of mining tools used within the industry and most people are often aware of it. Drills are a very important part of the work that miners perform while being underground.

Underground mining is a type of mining that is performed when the rocks, gems, or the minerals that miners are exploring are well buried within the ground. These gems or rocks are then retrieved with the help of these mining drills.  Usually, drilling is used in place of explosives as it is a safer option but when miners want to reach the minerals buried below, they make use of explosives as the last resort to burst open the area so the minerals or rocks could come forth. However, today, drills are used more in place of explosive as they are a much safer option.

  • Blasting Tools

As previously mentioned, minerals or rocks are often buried deep into the ground and there are a few ways of getting to them. One of them is through the help of blasting tools. Blasting tools include explosives and other related components. What they do is that through their explosive force, they break open the cave and the rocks covering the desired minerals after which access becomes much easier to mine then. 

  • Earthmovers

When you mine, there tends to be a lot of digging involved in the process. This means there is much more extra earth or soil around. To remove that out of the way and away from the site as it can cause disruption, miners make use of Earthmovers. They are used for the processes of digging, moving, and transporting the Earth, making the process of mining much simpler and easier for the miners.  They usually work hand in hand with other equipment such as bulldozers and cranes and you can now get crane hire at MACS.  This then lets the miners focus on the actual desired material rather than the extras all around.