As we know, social media is a major hype these days. Nothing without social media can be done; especially if your firm wants to conduct marketing, social media is your main target to gain your potential customers. Social media can build and destroy someone at the same time. It has its pros and cons. A simple mistake on your social media profile can disqualify you from your job. That mistake can be a really minor one – maybe a rude comment or even a sarcastic one, it shows the kind of person you are – regardless of the fact that it was done unintentionally.

Here are a few mistakes that should be avoided at all costs:

Criticizing your company

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to criticize your own company or any other company for that matter. Most importantly, never criticize your boss on social media, be it directly or indirectly. It shows that you lack professional discretion and loyalty.  


We all know that in today’s world the very first thing done when hiring someone for a particular job is to review their basic social media profiles. Being highly informal on your social media websites is a major mistake and a drawback to your entire career. You need to be careful with how you use your social media, especially when you are working in an organization as you need to be extra careful with what you share and how your profile looks.

Arguing over social media

Picking fights on social media is a huge risk because you never know who is following you or keeping a check on you. One little argument can get you into trouble. Since your name is associated with the company, having a bad social media reputation can get the company reputation in danger. Being rude or using harsh language is not good for your self-image. An employee always portrays the organization where he works at and his own background. It is a necessity to be rather calm and gentle with the kind of words you use.

Window dressing

Taking social media for granted and window dressing you on social media portrays a very negative image of oneself.

Bad customer service

Not understanding customer needs on social media, arguing with them and not interacting with them are the biggest mistakes one can make. Customer loyalty and satisfaction is all that a business wants in order to be successful. However, you being inconsiderate about it and not dealing with the customers appropriately on social media is a big disadvantage for the business. A business needs to have a free brand reputation review audit every once a while as well.


The worst thing you could ever do is to lie about the skills that you talk about on your social media. If the firm finds out you are lying, it could be disastrous to your career and can also ruin your reputation.