Dash Cam, also known as a dashboard camera, is a small recording camera that can be placed in any four-wheeler on the dashboard to capture every instance and detail that take place within the vehicle’s journey. The use of dashboard cameras has increased a lot worldwide in the past few years because of their usage, which we will discuss later in points.

It is used by taxi drivers, bus drivers, police vehicles and even in helicopters. This camera could be very useful even if somebody talked you into installing them. Here are 6 advantages of having Dash Cam installed in your fleet vehicle.

1. Evidence In An Unfair Means Or Accident

Just like towing mirrors, dash cameras eliminate blind spots while driving. One of the most common reasons people use dash cam is for proof to show as evidence if they were caught in an unfair accident or blamed for one. Having a dash cam can get you out of a bad situation if you were ever accused of doing something you were not responsible for.

2. Capture Crime And Other Events

Earlier, people used to get away because there was no proof of them doing something wrong it was all hearsay, but because dash cam can provide solid proof. With dash cam reporting undisciplined drivers and reporting other crimes has been easy. Roads should be safe for everyone to drive.

3. Safe Guarding Insurance

Having a dash cam installed is great when asking to claim insurance because, without any proof, these people are hard to convince. For companies owning large fleet vehicles, installing a dash cam can save them a lot of money in case of a false insurance claim. A lot of money can be saved overall from just buying a simple dashboard camera and having it installed in your car.

4. GPS Tracking

Nowadays, dashboard cameras are fitted with a GPS system that can help you track your stolen vehicle. These dash cams can be a bit more pricy compared to the normal ones, but they serve their purpose and give you a premium option that comes in only high-end cars.

5. Insurance Fraud 

When it comes to claiming insurance money, people allegedly do accidents with innocent people just to extort insurance money. Nowadays, insurance fraud is one of the most illegal acts committed worldwide, causing insurance companies a lot of loss. Having a dash cam in your car safeguards the innocent party and saves the insurance company a lot of money. 

6. Keep An Eye On Your Staff

Apart from lighting your office and installing cameras in it, it’s essential to install one in your commercial vehicle as well. If you are worried about where your employee is taking the company’s car, if it’s a joy ride or a few extra miles, stopping in between work, or if he was really at fault in an accident. The dash cam works best placed at a slightly inverse angle that captures every moment of drivers action also helps to identify if someone attempts to steal your car.

Final Thoughts

Installing a dash cam can never hurt; instead, it has just an upside, especially for fleet vehicle users. You can also shop for dual cash cam online as it covers both front and back views, which is more area than normal coms. There are many different types of dash cams, so choose what suits you best.