Building any kind of property is certainly not an easy task. You might have seen many astonishing buildings and admired their design from afar. Having such experiences can intrigue you to know the science behind it all. Like the tools and the hours of work it took to build something so unique that it pleases your eyes.

Well, to build an innovative structure of any building, a builder needs so many tools to do the job right. Today, we are going to list 6 must-have tools that every builder needs.

1. Power Drill

There may come a time that you might need to do the hefty job that requires more than a few nails. For such cases, a power drill can be an effective tool. It helps to drill the materials or items where you can’t use the iron nails. A power drill is most commonly used in sheet metal or brick.

For builders, two types of drills are available: A battery-operated drill and a power cord drill. Batter-operated ones are flexible to use in areas where there is no power supply. However, the cord ones are powerful and can do any job.

2. Hammer & Nails

Hammer & nails are something that a builder always has. It doesn’t matter how successful a builder becomes; if he has constructed some buildings, you will see him carrying his own hammer and nails. It is because nails are used in pretty much everything. Even when you need to hang a simple photo frame, you will need a hammer and some nails to do the task.

3. Saw

To design anything, you need to shape the object perfectly. You can only do this by using a saw as it helps you in cutting down the object as you want. Moreover, while fitting the interior in the building, it’s impossible to have everything on point with the exact size. Therefore, you might need to do some cutting, for that saw is a crucial tool to have. With the changing times, saws have become more advanced. An advanced saw that is common is a bandsaw.

4. Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are simple machines essential to carry out the task of lighting or to fasten anything smoothly. A standard screwdriver is considered to have an inclined plane that has a cylindrical shift fitted all around it. Moreover, screws are stronger as compared to nails. That’s why a good builder would use screws instead of iron nails.

5. Electrical Tester

Electrical testers do not only come in handy while fitting the wiring or installing lights in a building. They also come in handy to check the electric flow in the switch or areas where electrical power is supplied.

Also, while constructing, a builder may need power points that have enough electricity. To check that, an electrical tester is necessary.

6. Level And Tape Measure

This tool might be the last on this list, but it is the tool that a builder needs every step of his way. Before constructing anything, you need to have proper measurements. For that, a level and tape measure are important.


Building anything is an art; just like an artist needs all his tools to create something unworldly, a builder needs them too. Also, as the world keeps advancing, you need to adapt to new things to keep up with its pace.

For instance, instead of traditional saws, builders have started using powerful bandsaws that require less force. To find the best bandsaws in Australia, you can check this page out.