There are many, many types of machines and vehicles used in both construction and mining. Most of them are used in both; however, all have their own specifications. In order to guide you into the world of mining and construction machinery, we have compiled a list which groups them according to what they are used for.

The bigger ones

1. Dump trucks or dumpers

Thought they come in different sizes, these are some of the largest vehicles you will find in construction and mining. With their big containers, these trucks are used to transport almost any material (from wood to minerals) long or medium distance.

2. Dozers and bulldozers

There machines are used to move large piles of diverse materials by pushing them. The blade that this vehicle has at the front is used with this purpose; it is made with powerful resistance so as to be able to push as much volume as possible, and materials as heavy as possible. The typical use is to move away debris from a construction site.

3. Loaders

As the name suggests, this machinery is utilised to pick materials from the ground or from a specific place and load it into the transportation vehicles, such as dump trucks.

4. Excavators and drills

Specific and crucial to mining, these kinds of machines are the ones that are able to extract the materials from underground and bring them into the surface so that they can be worked with, transported, etc.

5. Scrapers

Scrapers serve the purpose of both loading and transporting materials, and as such they are some of the essentials; you’ll see them in every construction site and in mines and it is recommended as a must-have.

6. Forklifts or lift trucks

This kind of truck is able to lift and transport various kinds of materials, moving them through short to medium distances. Its main advantage is that it doesn’t need a loader or other tools to “get” the stuff.

The smaller ones

1. Trailers

These, as the ones used with cars, are attached to a vehicle in order to give it more space or the capacity to transport a specific material. Trailers come in many sizes and can be used within the construction or mining sites, carrying small amounts of goods, or also attached to a truck, carrying containers, tree trunks, etc.

2. Pallet jacks

Used within a site, these are a tool that it’s impossible to go without. They are the smaller version of forklift trucks in regards to how they work; they are used mostly to move pallets along a warehouse or construction site. Contact Sitecraft for the pallet jack that exactly fits what you need, as there are many options depending on the user’s desired purpose.

3. Site dumpers

As you have probably guessed, these are the within-site version of dump trucks. They are able to move materials from one part of the site to the other with high efficiency and speed.