A timelapse video is an excellent way to display your work or preserve your memories. Long-length timelapse, on the other hand, can be elusive. Many cameras and cellphones have time-lapse capabilities, but recording for more than a few hours might be tricky.

Timelapse depicts your full journey, from new building to remodelling, from contractor to subcontractor. People watch timelapse videos in order to see what’s unfolding. You can increase your social media and client engagement with a time-lapse video of your construction project.

Recording time-lapse with GoPro is now easy. Buy GoPro Cameras at Georges Cameras and record the most incredible timelapse of your construction projects with the following guide.

Set your GoPro to record a timelapse video

First and foremost, you must configure your GoPro in the following mode:

  •  To begin recording, press the top SHUTTER button.
  • The camera’s red LEDs will blink to indicate that it is recording video, and the time clock will display the length of timelapse video footage recorded.
  • To stop recording, press the top SHUTTER button once again.

Pick a good frame

Take your time choosing a suitable frame for the construction site and adjusting the exposure. Remember that the better the raw material you film, the better the timelapse you will produce. Choose a frame with an innovative point of view and a breathtaking landscape.

Install a tripod

If you want to produce a proper timelapse, your shots must be stable and recorded from the same spot all of the time, so a tripod is essential.

Aside from the tripod, you may require attachments and mounts, which are often included in the GoPro set.

Invest in a good memory card

Always make sure you have a memory card that can keep up with you; we recommend at least a 32GB Class 10 memory card. You might be fine with a slower card, but it’s safer not to take the risk because it won’t be able to keep up with the incoming updated files.

Take your time

To create a timelapse, you must understand that you will require a large amount of filming footage, such as a 30-second video that will require 90 minutes of recording. Refer to a timelapse calculator to figure out how much time you’ll need to film material.

Take your time and make sure you don’t have to go back and reshoot anything. You can also create a timelapse using the photos. Now that you have all of the photographs you need for a timelapse, you must edit them and arrange them in a sequence to make a video.

Recording timelapse video directly

If you want to capture a timelapse directly in video format with your GoPro camera, you must do the following:

  • Start your GoPro camera.
  • Using the front button or the GoPro App, select ‘Video.’
  • Press the ‘Settings’ button on the side of your GoPro or use the GoPro App to access the settings menu.
  • From the menu, choose ‘Timelapse Video Mode.’
  • Set the parameters, including the interval time and any elements you want to fine-tune. If you are unsure about these settings, use a timelapse calculator for assistance.
  • Once everything is in place, hit the top button to begin shooting.

Even if you are shooting video, we recommend that you follow the instructions in the “shooting photos” option to ensure that you capture the best material possible.


Recording a timelapse with a GoPro is now an easy process. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned suggestions. These easy and general guidelines will help you create a wonderful timelapse for your construction project. Once you have the raw footage, you can edit it to your liking to create content for presentations and social media.