When you pursue something, then being good at it is just a matter of time and practice. The more you invest yourself in it, the better you become. However, when your profession is commercialised, the skills you need might not be enough.

In simple words, if you are a domestic electrician, the skills your profession requires are not as complex as those of the commercial electrician. If you want to know what skills you need as a commercial electrician, scroll down to find that out.

Technical Skills

During the training to become an electrician, there are some technical skills that are taught to the candidates. These technical skills are needed to meet the proper standards. Also, if you are pursuing your career in a technical area where you will have to test and fix the systems of machinery, then it is a must-required skill.

Moreover, technical skills are needed in the smallest area, such as installing lightning. Not to mention, nowadays, everything is advanced, so if you have to install smart lighting, you will need proper technical knowledge.

Physical Skills

Being an electrician means doing electrical fittings in complex areas and sights. Due to this reason, physical skills are required. Some basic physical activities you might need to do are:

  • Enough strength to stand for long hours in suffocated areas.
  • Climbing ladders, stairs and scaffolding.
  • Lifting heavy equipment and installing them in places where you might need to be flexible enough to bend.
  • Physical strength to squeeze in narrow or congested areas.

These are some of the major activities required to be a commercial electrician. Remember that you do not need to be fit all the time. However, you need a certain physical strength to perform some tasks efficiently and without help from others.

Problem-Solving Attitude

A commercial electrician constantly faces difficult situations where he may need to find an alternate solution for the problem. If you are responsible for a particular building’s electrical instalments, then whenever there is even the slightest problem, you will have to solve it. Even if there is a power outage, then you will be the first one whom people will contact to tackle the issue.

Therefore, a commercial electrician must have forward-thinking with a problem-solving attitude. To be considered a proficient commercial electrician in your area, you need to solve plenty of problems and deliver the desired results to your clients.

Quick Decision Making

Handling electricity is risky work. Being a commercial electrician means you will have to deal with it in bulk. A domestic electrician deals with one thing at a time, but a commercial electrician has to deal with numerous situations simultaneously. It is because a commercial electrician oversees commercial buildings’ electrical fittings and instalments.

Due to this reason, the work of a commercial electrician is more complex and requires quick decision-making. If you fail to make a quick decision in dangerous situations, it can put your and other people’s lives at stake. Therefore, you will have to make conscious decisions each step of the way to avoid dire situations.


As mentioned earlier, commercial electricians deal with numerous things simultaneously. As a result, they need to think quickly and be efficient. Since they deal with the whole commercial building at a time, they really need to be efficient with their work and techniques. Not being efficient can sometimes cost them a fortune.


It goes without saying that to handle the electrical tasks of a commercial building, and you will need to work in a team. It is all the more essential if you are an employer or working as an employee. Team cooperation is needed. Moreover, you must develop techniques and skills that go well with the team to be efficient.

Not to mention project-based contracts require manpower. If you have poor coordination with your team, then it will only make the task even more difficult than it already is. Also, commercial electricians with senior positions are often expected to train newcomers.


Working for commercial buildings means you can be called for work anytime. Therefore, you must have a flexible schedule to deal with emergencies. It is all the more critical if you are a beginner in this industry and want to make your name. You will have to be professional and flexible according to the need of your clients. Even at times, if you have to sacrifice your joys, then do so. It will be rewarding in the long run.

Knowledge Of Basic Mathematics

Commercial buildings have numerous departments. Since you will deal with the whole building, your basic mathematical skills should be on point. Other than this you should know how to read the electricity meter.

Customer Handling

Last but not least, customer handling is a significant skill that you might need to harness. Once you are out in the market, to establish your standing in the cut-throat competition, you need to know the tricks to satisfy your customers.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the skills that are a must for you to have if you want to become a commercial electrician. You might think these are quite a lot of skills to have, but if you pick any other profession, then you will require to have more than half of which are mentioned above. Also, there is no success without hard work.