Everybody knows that trucks are enormous and have extra storage space. Driving a large truck is even more overwhelming and thrilling. But with great power comes great responsibility. If you are driving a truck, you need to have enough tools in your truck for the situations that call for it.

Thus, not having a toolbox in your truck is straight a foolish act. Every truck driver needs at least basic tools to be at their disposal if their need arises. So, today, we are going to discuss the truck tools that every truck driver should have in their toolbox.

1. Basic Items

Let’s start with the very basic supplies that you should have in your truck’s toolbox:

Cable Ties

Cable ties come in use to secure the items loaded on the truck.

Paper Towels

The truck is a huge vehicle, so encountering small oil spills or other messes is quite common. Paper towels can help you clean such a mess.

Duct Tape

Sometimes you can render yourself in a situation where you broke something really important, and fixing it right away is crucial. Thus, you must have readily available duct tape as it can help you temporarily fix the situation until you find a permanent fix.

2. Basic Tools

Apart from basic items to overcome unwanted situations, it’s also important to have some basic tools in your toolbox that can fix your truck’s components. Following are the most basic and common tools that every truck owner should have:


Pliers are used to extract anything or insert an iron nail when needed.


To tighten the loose screws, you may need a wrench.


Hammers are used to piercing an iron nail or any item to another item to attach both the objects. Sometimes you might wind up in a slight accident that may cause some physical damage to the truck. To straighten out the affected metal, you can use a hammer

3. Emergency Tools

You must have tools for situations when there is an emergency like when you are all by yourself in an abandoned area or other situations like these. So, in such cases there is plenty of equipment that can come in your use:

First Aid Kit

Not only for trucks, but a first aid kit is also essential for all sorts of vehicles. Driving a vehicle means expecting the unexpected. And you may encounter an accident anytime. Thus, having a first aid kit can help you when you get injured.

Emergency Flare

If you are stuck in a place with no one, you can use a flare to signal that you are alone in that area.

Jumper Cables

You or another person might need to jump their vehicle. Thus, every vehicle should have jumper cables in its toolbox.

4. Additional- Spare Parts

Although spare parts are not tools but having spare parts for some components can save you from a lot of troubles.

Bottom Line

In this blog, we have only listened to the basic and emergency tools you must-have in your truck. There are still so many other tools that might come into your use. However, that totally depends on the kind of professional work you do. If you want to buy a tool box, then check out the truck tool boxes for sale in Australia