Forklift trucks are compact machines mainly used for loading and unloading weights. Now, these weights can include any sort of material as long as it fulfils the weight capacity of a truck. The weight capacity of forklifts varies from forklift to forklift, depending upon your choice. These are quite flexible in terms of use as they can be used in places where loads need to be lifted. You can also use forklift trucks at mine and quarry sites to lift stones, sands and other particles that these sites have. Keeping all these things in mind, today we are going to review how the forklift function and its use at mine and quarry sites.

Components Of A Forklift

A forklift is a piece of machinery that helps you lift, store and move bulkier loads without any hassle. The functioning might seem a bit simple, but it is only possible because of the various components:

Power Source

Forklifts are quite varied when it comes to their power sources. They can be fueled with natural gas, LPG, CNG, and diesel. Electric forklifts that need to get charged use lead-acid batteries.

Truck Frame

Fram of any machine is a must as it keeps together the other components of it such as mast, wheels and counterweight.


It is installed so that the forklift can balance the weight which is being lifted by the vehicle. It is usually at the backside of the forklift and made up of iron.


The concrete base of a forklift lets it move easily in a downward or upward movement.


A mast is used to lower or lift the weight that you carry in a forklift.

Functioning Of A Forklift

Lifting heavy loads is certainly not easy. So, to perform the task efficiently, a forklift functions on two mechanisms that are explained below:

1. Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are used to use air pressure to make the upward and downward motion of the forklift. This one is vital for the lifting of the loads.

2. Roller Chain Pulley

The Roller chain pulley bound the lifting forks with the main body of the forklift truck. A roller chain moves clockwise so that the mast can move upward or downward to lift the load.

Use Of Forklift Trucks At Mine And Quarry Sites

If you choose a forklift that has a robust structure, then you can use it in rough places such as mine and quarry sites. Construction workers can transport heavy building materials from one site to another.

Besides, a construction site is a place where heavy lifting equipment, including vehicles, is required. You can also use these forklifts trucks in quarry sites where the terrain is rough, as they are designed to function in rough surroundings also.

You can use forklifts in these sites to lift, load or unload heavy pallets of bricks, steel joists, large marbles, and other construction equipment.


A forklift is quite a handy tool to have in places where lifting of heavy loads is needed to be done. If you are looking to invest in forklifts, then you can find some of the best forklifts in Sydney by Adaptalift Group. They are reliable as they have been around for 40 years and you can expect great customer support services.